Lakeside Childcare Philosophy

We believe that in the right environment a child’s natural curiosity and creativity leads to endless opportunities to grow in knowledge and develop a love of learning. We provide that environment at Lakeside Childcare by making it a safe and nurturing place
where your child will be encouraged to build, splash, dash, pretend and create their way to exciting discoveries about the world around them.

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We have been here since they opened and my son loves it here! The app they use (updates for bathroom breaks, food, and activities) and their security is amazing! I highly recommend bringing your children here!


I 100% recommend, their app is amazing. I get updated constantly on how many times she goes potty what she eats, and my favorite thing are the photos they send. I am working and I am so at peace which was definitely a fear of mine. She wants to go back everyday even on the weekends she asks, which is rare since she has always been attached to my hip.